Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

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Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by UchihaFate008 » Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:50 pm

As a long-running VGM addict, it was pretty much inevitable that I'd end up creating this topic eventually. Basically, I intend for this topic to be dedicated to the best, and worst, of video game music as a whole.

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by UchihaFate008 » Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:49 pm

Since the criteria for being the residing Moderator-rank on here seems to be along the lines of "Stay on 24/7 to draw in new members" now, I've decided to start posting again (not to mention that's part of the criteria too, but whatever). And what better to do it than to s*** up the forum all over again with weekly updates of great* music that can make your ears bleed harder than in the Metal topic, or your money back!

--- How such minor Japanese-only bullet hell games can dish out such quality music I'll likely never know.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Hope
--- lolol this was a homage of the next track. Really made for an awkward day in a Video Game Music contest last year where these two songs managed to randomly meet up in like the quarterfinals, especially when in the other match that day was ANOTHER subtle homage. It was hilarious.

Chrono Cross - On the Beach of Dreams ~ World Map Theme #2
--- See the similarities yet? :P All I can say is that this really was a great track, so I guess it was only natural it'd be emulated to the extent that it was.

AAAAND now for a bonus track
Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Crazy Chocobo
--- "Everybody's gonna wanna ride YOUR Chocobo!"
* see also: horrible, abysmal, garbage

EDIT: And here's the two tracks from that other post, too! (I'm starting the clean-up I mentioned like a few weeks ago seeing how I'm feeling a little bit guilty for going on a hiatus like I am)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy - Cornello's Temple
--- Sounds surprisingly similar to DS Castlevania and Sonic music, even for a DS action-adventure game...

Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Music - Staff Roll
--- Honestly thought I'd posted a different track. Well, at least I now know that I can always add a track to my so far writeup-less playlist if I actually wanted to :/

Oh, and here's the playlist, too: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAA73E536DCF7F852

ANOTHER EDIT: Bolding and adding titles/comments to streamline it with the other lists. [14/02/12]

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by UchihaFate008 » Thu Dec 22, 2011 8:19 pm

Now to take a leaf out of Obligatory Ice Level Day's book (er, website) and make it fit the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE! (That sounded way cooler in my head, but whatever :P). A lot of tracks this time for our "Christmas Special"!

Mario Party Music - Tropical Island - Yoshi + Mario Party = Epic win summer tracks!

Super Mario Sunshine Music - Delfino Plaza - Obligatory song is obligatory ;)

Chrono Trigger - One Sunny Day When We Met - Instruments reminded me of SMS, and it HAD to make the list :P

Rogue Galaxy Music - Lapatia Village - Don't think I ever got to this point in the game... Vid was WAAAY better than I had hoped ^^

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Yoshi's Island - I tried putting in something from the original Yoshi's Island. T'was kinda bad though; settled for Brawl, which is like 10x better anyway :P

Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver- Vermilion City - So this isn't as out there as the others. It's still freaking Vermillion city!

Super Dragon Ball Z - Kami's Lookout (Ground Level) - FUCK this song is way better than I remembered it. Also, nostalgia!

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Sunyshore City (Night) - I picked the night one because it sounded better. Problem?


Update: Now as a playlist!

BONUS! Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans - Master Roshi's House - whoo it's all... Galapagos-ey! I planned to put this one in the playlist like some time mid-January but I couldn't really be bothered to do it till like a week or so ago :/ [14/02/12]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUnrj_fP ... B0&index=9

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by UchihaFate008 » Sun Dec 25, 2011 10:15 pm

ALLLRIGHT!!!! Since I'm doubling up this week, I'd like to do the proper thing and have a proper, albeit Americanised, Christmas special as well. It's only fair, after all.

Pokémon D/P/P - Snowpoint City (Night) - Soo chill. Heh, get it? But seriously, this makes me feel warm inside. So pure~~~!

Chrono Trigger - A Desolate World - Basically a track that takes the whole sense of solitude from the previous track, and turns it into one of the most solemn tracks I've heard. It really evokes a sense of despair.

Ecco 2: The Tides of Time - St. Gabriel's Mask (3D Levels) - This is definitely a love/hate song. Very soulful, but the sound effects whole can definitely weird a lot of people out. I like it though; it's really nice.

EarthBound (Mother 2) - Snowman - Again, this one is really nice. Not the best version imo, but one Brawl track is enough for today.

Pokémon R/S/E - Dive (Underwater Theme) - Woah, that makes the second underwater theme to invade this Snowy-themed list. Like most of the other tracks on this list, it's very relaxing, so it definitely fitting, but still :/

Bonus track time!
New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Overworld 3
- Not Christmassey enough for you? What if I told you this was AN ICE LEVEL LOL OMFG THAT NEVER HAPPENS! The regular world theme was more Christmassey (with sleigh bells and whatnot), but it was way too short, so...

Well, I've decided that these playlists will be integrated into all future posts. Problem? TOO BAD, WALUIGI TIME! Anyway, expect the next update in a minimum of eleven days. As chances go, however, there's a good chance I'll be busy till the 15th, so...

Edit: just bolding stuff for now, I might add some new content to this shortly if possible.

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by twominutesalad » Tue Dec 27, 2011 9:02 pm

You certainly could make that post look a lot larger if you embedded the videos ;) hahaha

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by UchihaFate008 » Wed Jan 18, 2012 4:12 pm

Sorry to all zero people who actually look forward to these updates. Short trips (in more ways than one, none of which are pertaining to illegal drugs :O), addictive games, and unrivaled laziness are all key causes for this delay. To make up for it, I've decided to be even more of a filthy jew and only do 4 songs per day over the next three days, purely for the satisfaction of saying that I've done an update for every week. Ain't I a nice person?

Pokémon Black and White - Final N Battle
--- I was listening to this vid on youtube the other day that was basically a compilation of all the antagonist themes in Pokemon. This one really stood out to me, so ofc I had to put it in.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology - Widdershin
--- This is the final boss theme in this PSP game I'm playing right now OMFG music spoilers. Very solid, but not quite as good as the first track imo Note: on a very, very late relisten, I can tell you that I was wrong :O Ths is fucking awesome, especially THAT FREAKING BOSS SAX!

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon - Medeus, Shadow Dragon
--- Very short, and not at all interesting compared to the first two. What can I say? It was pretty much a filler spot.

Gyakuten Kenji 2 (AKA Ace Attorney Investigations 2, if Capcom stopped being complete dicks about localization) - The Man Who Masterminds the Game
--- Pretty nice track, it has nice accordion use that makes it sound very Layton-esque. Also that rhythm is fantastic; it really makes it sound like the theme to some sort of rapist clown XD

PLAYLIST: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFC7F8F5AC11CDC24

Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy - Final Boss
--- Nice, solid song all round. The synth quality is definitely pretty weak, but I still think it stands up pretty well especially for an early-period DS game. Also, I absolutely love the keyboard synth opener, however short it may be. I have no real reason why, other than... THE NEXT TRACK.

Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Music Super Complete - STEVEN STONE (woo all caps)
Very much in the spirit of another remixed pokemon final boss theme I'll probably be uploading some time next week (as of 14/2/2012), I have to say I like this song. Complete with ass synths and weird gunshot-sounding drums, this is as weird as it is awesome... Actually, never mind. Definitely more weird.

Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver OST: Disc 2 - Arceus Theme
quoting a true prophet among men, "Complete with ass synths and weird gunshot-sounding drums, this is as weird as it is awesome... Actually, never mind. Definitely more weird."

Pokemon D/P Music - Galactic Boss Cyrus
--- fuck it copypasta EVERYTHING. Damn Pokemon and its lack of variety I can use for its writeups.

Gran Turismo 5 - Moon Over The Castle
--- Pretty much added late because I (for some insanely wrong reason) was dead convinced that I'd already posted this track... Turns out I hadn't. Yay? Also, this is MORE FUCKING EPIC than ANYTHING ELSE I HAVE POSTED PERIOD. Also, I dare you guys to play this at full volume everything with the loudest headphones possible (or at least the loudest you're comfortable with to all you pansies out there) and not be fucking impressed.

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by UchihaFate008 » Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:18 pm

Another day another update. And what an update this one is. Due to the surprising lack of anti-praise last time for doing only four songs, I decided to up my ante this time, and have churned out eight as a result. Believe it, folks :P. EIGHT horrible abominations from the long-running Naruto: Ultimate Ninja franchise have been lovingly compilated exclusively for this update.

Why you might ask? Basically after an initial mix up with the amount of content I actually had (I could have SWORN I had more than three <.<), I thought I might as well go all-out and get a track from every game. That... didn't exactly work out, and as you might already already see, the original Ultimate Ninja and Ultimate Ninja Heroes were left out (though perhaps that was for the best, neither one of them exactly had the pinnacle of VGM standards), as well as a recent minor release, Ultimate Ninja Impact (damn jewish youtubers and their unwillingness to post new VG soundtracks...). Still regardless of that, I did my best and tested patience a fair bit trying to find some hopefully decent content. Enjoy ^-^

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 - Hell if I know what the actual name to this is. I haven't played this game since '08.

--- So this is apparently the final boss theme to the second core game if you couldn't already tell, and yeah, it is pretty underwhelming. Still, I guess it's pretty good considering it was one of the only final boss themes to make this list (Spoilers: at least 3 that I found were absolute garbage, and two of those were on the PS3 >.>)

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 - Supposedly this is the theme to the first fight in the story mode, but ofc the guy who uploaded this flubbed the official name... *sigh*

--- Honestly this is pretty good, and on a scale of one to ten, I'd rank it Way-Better-Than-Ninja-Storm's-Final-Boss-Theme/10. That's pretty good considering that it's a pretty easy battle by my memory.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 - "Bond With Sand" (YES, finally someone gets it!)

--- I've never played this game personally, but I've admittedly wanted to. Basically, this is the REAL, UNEDITED version of Ultimate Ninja Heroes first released in Japan. It's also partially some sort of puzzle game, which I think is AWESOME (the fact that it's multi-genred, not really the puzzles... Puzzles are hard :/). I'm very impressed by this music seeing how, compared to Sand Village/World Map themes in the other games, this shit is ballin', especially for one of the earlier games.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 4 - "Kick the Earth"

--- Ths one was a bitch to find. Basically, almost all of the good songs in Ultimate Ninja 4 carry over to UN5. Except MAYBE this one (frankly, I might even be wrong about THAT, it's been a while since I listened to the full soundtrack to either of them). Yes, there were a few songs that I KNEW were exclusive to UN4, but of course youtube seems to have no knowledge of them >.>

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 5 - "An Imposter"

--- Probably one of the best tracks in the game (in my opinion), though like most of them, a little bit too short. Oh and shocking revelation here: This game is in my top 5 games period for me. A top notch Guilty Gear-esque 2D fighting game (featuring characters from the better half of Naruto) with copious RPG elements. Add the fact that it's Japanese-only voices (ew Maile Flanagan) and it's pretty much a match made in heaven for me.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm - "Chunin Exams Finals Stage"

--- It took me ten minutes of thorough checking before I found something even semi-decent (and even then, this still isn't good remotely, what with it being little more than a stylised version of the post-battle themes in most of the previous games, accompanied by an abysmal piano solo... thing) >.> You see? This is what happens when you let Americans decide how to make a new entry in a Japanese series of games. Ugh... :x

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 - "Brothers"

--- Again, another game I haven't played. Frankly I'm a little disappointed of it from what I've seen, what with it having a simplified Sonic-esque platforming story mode. Who the hell thought THAT was a good idea, I mean really? Add the fact that they allegedly simplified some of the controls in the battles and let's just say I'm not all that happy about it. Now onto the actual song. It's pretty meh, if you ask me, but that could be my exhaustion from having to relisten to all of these after the hell of picking them out -___-

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 - "Hidden Leaf Village (Destroyed)"

--- Man, the Pain saga was great... er, anyway, as you can see, this was the most recent game I could squeeze info out of (or was Heroes 3 newer...?), much to my disappointment. The soundtrack to the more recent Ultimate Ninja Impact WAS available, but seems to have been taken down because Youtube is run by Jews.

NARUTIMATE PLAYLIST, BELIEVE IT!: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF877CB8538101A49

So anyway yeah. Sorry guys for the lack of NTAS references that I promised; they simply didn't work as well out of context as I first thought :/. Also look forward to tomorrow's update along with the return of weekly updates (I know I will), if you've heard about it from me already, you KNOW it's going to be good.

BONUS?! Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm - Squad 7

Several Hours Ago... "Oh hey a piano track. Ehh 5 mins long I might check that one out later then I might put it in the playlist". Later: "Oh hey I completely forgot to check out that one track from before. Welp, too late now, I just posted :(" *checks it out regardless* "Holy crap good piano track from that game I couldn't find good music for. I MUST PUT IT IN AS A BONUS!" And so I did.

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by UchihaFate008 » Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:53 am

Sorry to all my "beloved fans" (you know who you are, even if I don't). It looks like I won't get enough time to do today's writeups, and as a result, it has been postponed till either later today or some time tomorrow depending on when I get back from some dude's 60th b'day >.>

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by UchihaFate008 » Fri Jan 20, 2012 10:09 pm

So basically, after the Boss themes on the eighteenth, and the horrible Naruto music yesterday, now's as good a time as ever to unveil today's mystery theme: Flash/Indie Game music. Yup, really.

Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE51B502190CBADE4

Crush the Castle 2 - Title Theme/Map Music
--- Starting out with a pretty standard theme here. Nothing much really stands out aside from the sickeningly bad quality, which can be blamed on what I will from now on refer to as YTI (youtuber incompetence syndrome). Overall, I like it. 5.5/10

Airwaves arranged version (aka. the NANACA CRASH theme)
--- Ah Nanaca Crash. Such a polished flash game. Now as far as this track goes, this is something I've come across a lot before. It goes very well in the context of the game, but taken out of context, and ugh oh god why... 4.5/10

Castle Crashers - Forest Entrance
--- Now for a song that I know more about than the actual game :O. So basically, this song (don't ask me why), has a surprising amount of fans back over on Board 8, so much so that It's featured in TWO different VGM Music contests there, once reaching the finals for the JFF (Just For Fun) bracket (don't ask me how, or why. I didn't even notice it till like the fourth round >.>). I wouldn't say it's really deserving of THAT level of popularity, but I still like it a fair bit. Very uplifting for a Canon knockoff. 8/10

Terraria - Underground Hallow
--- Before I go any further, I'm going to say that when Terraria first come out (hell, weeks before it did, even) I LOVED the music in this game. Everything was so mysterious and technoey. Several months later (like, post exams kind of later), for seemingly no reason, the guy who did the initial 6 tracks.... made more. I didn't even hear about them till I checked for them 2 days ago, AND THEY ARE GLORIOUS. 8.5/10 (you have to admit I'm pretty brutal when I want to be. No 10s so far? BLASPHEMY!)

Super Smash Land - Lavender Town (Pokemon Tower Flashy Mix)
--- This one is pretty cool. Somehow flashygoodness turned a theme I am completely indifferent to into a a pretty rockin' one. I still have no idea how. Woah damn/10 (okay it's more like an 7.75 for future reference)

Tower of Heaven - Luna Ascension (aka. effectively flashygoodness' magnum opus)
--- Goddamn this song is awesome. Really. Possibly in the top 5 original 8-bit themes I'm going to find ever. Really, it's that awesome. 8.75/10

PPPPPP (VVVVVV's official soundtrack) - "Positive Force"
--- Now, I'm not too sure on posting this one. Basically, I know I've already posted at least one VVVVVV theme onto here. The problem is, I'm not sure what one that was, and I'm not at all a big fan of the repeating content club. :/ Either way, I'm very impressed by the polish on this theme, and would therefore put it within the top 5 8-bit themes VERY EASILY. 9.25/10

Erasure - Always (aka. the Robot Unicorn Attack theme :P)
--- You guys should have KNOWN this one was gonna crop up eventually. I mean what's a joke flash/indie game music list without the KING of flash game music. AAAALWAYS, I WANNA BEE WITH YOU, AND MAKE BELIEEVE WITH YOU, AND LIVE IN HARMONY HARMONY OOOH LOVE~! 10/10

Bonus: Reasoner - Coming Home (Ambient Mix) (Aka. the Nitrohaul theme)
--- Basically, it took me an hour to find this one, so there was no way to keep this off the list, lack of youtube link or not. Possibly the only great non-chiptune theme in a flash game, I have a good amount of nostalgia of this game from '09, much of it from this theme. Still, nostalgia does not a great track make. It's good, but a little too monotonous for my liking. 7.5/10

NEW BONUS OMG: Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale Demo Soundtrack - Title Theme
--- D'awww. 8/10

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by UchihaFate008 » Sat Jan 21, 2012 4:06 pm

Sep 27
Crazy Bus - Title Theme

Sep 28
Crash Bandicoot - Music Video

Sep 29
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky [PMD2] - Memories of You
Mother 2/EarthBound - Smiles and Tears
Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver - Route 47/48 (GB Player)
PPPPPP (VVVVVV's official soundtrack) - Presenting VVVVVV
Mother 1 (EarthBound Zero) - The End
Fun Fact: This music was the inspiration for the my recent 30-something song playlist.

Oct 14
Xenoblade (Chronicles) - Mechanical Rhythm
Neotokyo - Beacon
Last Ranker - This Journey Without End
Final Fantasy VI - Dancing Mad (final part)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl [SSBB] - Corneria
Shadow Hearts: From the New World - Insane Blood ~ SABBATH -Demon Banquet-
Another Fun Fact: This music was the inspiration for my soon-to-be-posted 60+ song playlist.

EDIT: Aside from the blatant youtube links, I also have this available in playlist form, too!*

* Note: the Crazy Bus "theme" and the Crash Bandicoot music video were not included due to being too godly. [/truth]

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by UchihaFate008 » Fri Feb 03, 2012 11:00 pm

Hello and welcome to a very special multi-week (and therefore multi-playlist) version of the video game music topic. As you may already know, during the long period of downtime here, I was committing several hours each day to a playlist unlike any before it. A TWENTY TO TWENTY-FIVE SONG PLAYLIST. Now as I'm sure most of you already know from my needless boasting as of late, I went beyond that, dishing out TWO 30-plus playlists (The first being at thirty, the second currently at 31, though that number may increase by the time that I get to it).

Now I could either go into some total BS history into how much time and dedication I put into this, but I'd feel bad doing that (and I'm fairly certain that nobody would even want to read it tbqh. So instead, onto the writeups!

Pokémon R/S/E - Verdanturf Town

--- Pretty neat, and a good representation for how I themed this first playlist to be all-round pleasant, relaxing music for the most part. Also my favourite town theme from R/S/E on merit of being the least annoying. 5/10

Professor Layton and the Last Specter - The Last Specter's Theme

--- There are simply some things that you can rely on particular VGM series to provide when you need it. So while Layton wouldn't be my first go-to series for truly classy sounding music (Frankly I'd put orchestral Ace Attorney music, as well as pretty much anything in the Gran Turismo series aside from Moon over the Castle and licenced tracks), it is still undeniably among the best out there. This track, from what I think is the latest Layton game, is super awesome, especially that solo near the end. 9/10

echochrome - Prime #59

--- And now for some more classy goodness; this time (arguably) more refined than the previous track. Having an actual violin quartet do a complete game ost is pretty ballsy, but I think it really paid off here for this brilliantly unique puzzle game. 8/10

Last Ranker - The Tower Marked with History

--- Having had downloaded the ost to this game back over a year ago, I can tell you that interesting thing that this is largely a remix of another theme in this game. Now I'm not that fond of in-game remixes, as is generally amounts to repetition. However, I feel the features incorporated in this remix really improve this track into something unique. I dunno about you, but I can really get a great desert vibe from this, an frankly I LOVE desert music for RPGs. 7.5/10

Donkey Kong Country 2 - Bayou Boogie

--- Describing anything about this song is confusing as fuck. Going from annoying (but somewhat catchy) frog and cricket sounds to possibly the most relaxing pipe synths I have ever heard is simply baffling. Brilliant, but baffling. I like it. A lot. 9/10

Final Fantasy VI - Terra

--- Lying somewhere between heroic and western, I was having a tough time deciding whether it should go in either of this weekend's playlists, or next week's western-esque playlist. I think I made the right decision here, because I know if I pushed this one over, it would be pretty hard to get anything decent to replace it. 7/10

Suikoden V OST - Despair and Hope

--- I really like the flute in the second half. Really heartwarming. Also the transition to the flute section is brilliant. The overall length of this track does hold this back though. 7/10

flower - Life As a Flower

--- Very relaxing. If I ranked these on chill factor alone, this would easily get a ten. However, when even I can see that this has very little direction in it aside of little segments, there's probably an underlying problem, even if I can't see it. That said, for a track with no direction, this is a hell of a lot better than another chill track without a direction I can immediately think of from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and as a result... 7.5/10

Shadow Hearts 3 - Main Theme ~ ICARO -Acoustic Arrangement-

--- Starting off like a number of tracks from the ever-glorious Naruto soundtracks, this turns into an equally impressive track made with a lot of sentimental value behind it. And it clearly shows. 8/10

Phoenix Wright: Trials & Tribulations - Ace Attorney 3 ~ End

--- BAWWWWWW. Now then, what can I say about this track that isn't immediately obvious...? Even without knowing the actual plot, you get a real feel for how saddening this track is, and even moreso when you actually realise what this song actually represents in the next game. The pleasant mid-end sections are nice, but really don't prepare you for that return to that beginning section again, furthering that emotional impact. 7.5/10

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 - Staff Roll 2

--- Speaking of emotional impact, piano solos. Make whatever remarks you will about them, this is great. As you closet fans out there know have no doubt deduced by now, I'm the kind of person that tends to prefer songs for their emotional impact above other factors. Need I say more? 9.5/10 for song; -1000/10 to uploader.

Pokémon D/P/P - Surf Theme

--- Kinda hard to judge in light of the last few brilliant tracks, though this is still good at what it represents. The simple freedom and joy that comes by relaxing out in the waves, on a pokemon no less, is captured absolutely flawlessly... Oh, and Wailord is giving out a total Forever Alone vibe trololololol. 7.5/10

Gran Turismo 5 - SIDE OF YOU

--- Remember what I said during my Layton writeup? TRULY CLASSY. And there ain't no way I'm taking that back. Whatever i gave my Layton writeup plus one/10.... wait, that only puts it at 10/10. Alright them, Imma gon' make a better ranking system... CLASSY/10 (there, much better)

Fragile Dreams - Hikari

--- Very touching track; so much so, I ACTUALLY BOUGHT THIS GAME PURELY ON THE BASIS OF THIS ONE TRACK. Seriously. (In fact, you might as call me a japanophile right away, seeing how the only vocal songs I even listen to are sung by blatantly Japanese vocalists, in spite of me knowing little to no Japanese myself :O) 9/10

Okami - Ryoshima Plains

--- Very powerful track. You can really hear the respective nods to Zelda music if you listen carefully enough, all while giving a twist of its own (In fact, perhaps the same could be extended to the whole game in that respect :/) I don't really have a favourite part for this one surprisingly, as this is a largely strong track all the wayb through. 8/10

Chrono Trigger - Secret of the Forest

--- Not much here on terms of power or emotional impact. I still like it though for what its worth. And for what its worth, I think this is was and always shall be a great song for listening to and just... relaxing. 6.5/10

Pokémon HG/SS - Contest Result

--- Clearly suffering from length shortages, I still feel this is a great track, even if only for the subtle homage to the previous track, as well as an assortment of Zelda harp themes. It's a very playful, and the background instrument is memorising when you start to focus on it. 6.25/10

Phoenix Wright Justice For All - BONUS - Prosecutors Path ~ Miles and Fran

--- Phoenix Wright 2 REPRESENT. (And thus ends my long-running search for a way to insert a song from the worst of the PW soundtracks). Now about the track itself. Awkward start? Yes. Nothing all-that exceptional? Yes. Relaxing? Err... Sure why not. 4/10

Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Special Orchestra - Great Fairy's Fountain Theme

--- Oh man the irony. Literally the the most recognised chill vgm track around aside from like Dr Mario's chill track, and my initial inspiration for this list several weeks back, I SOMEHOW FAILED TO PUT IT IN THE PLAYLIST TILL YESTERDAY >.> But enough about my epic fail moments. This is brilliant. 10/10

Sora - Grand blue

--- Very corny lyrics, very awesome everything else (especially on getting a legitimately decent English singer. That's literally one of the hardest things for most western games, and Japanese games rarely bother outside of big budget titles such as Final Fantasy and whatnot. And this is by no means a major game as I'm sure you can tell). Way better than this game should realistically have/10 (which is my language for 9/10 :P)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - The Dark World

--- The irony of it all. I have zelda music as a key influence, Even having two (debatably even three counting Okami) in this playlist. And yet, in spite of all that, I still have not got any songs ACTUALLY FROM a Zelda game. fml. Now on a more discerning note, this song is great, and you can really see how it inspired other tracks even in this list, such as The Tower Marked with History (see track 4). 6/10

Mother - Pollyanna

--- Very pleasant, very very relaxing, even for 8-Bit haters (a group I am for the record NOT a part of). It really captures the setting and themes in this game really well, especially the blind happy-go-lucky nature of pretty much everybody (It's the 70's, what are you supposed to expect :P). 7/10

Final Fantasy XI - Rolanberry Fields

--- Woo moar wind instrument usage. Add some very familiar flute usage, and this is a pretty decent overworld track. Ends before it really gets going sadly :( 6/10

Rise of Nations - BattleAtWitchCreek

--- Oh man. THIS track. Literally the cause of at least half of my pleasant memories in RoN (and that's saying a lot for a game I've only ever "owned" since like mid last year. tldr; brilliant piano track is brilliant.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 - Living On

--- Literally one of the most beautiful tracks in any game (especially the longer version), I'd just feel bad de-constructing this one. 9/10

Chrono Cross - Life ~ A Distant Promise

--- Speaking of "Literally one of the most beautiful tracks in any game"... Well, well. THIS really IS something else, isn't it. Just... Damn. I'd have to downscale everything else to below a five If I were to rank these proportionately in relation to each other, but hey. That's just life. 10/10

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru 6 - Life

--- SPEAKING OF LIFE DOHOHOHOHO :P Literally a point of obsession for many Board 8ers, this series for Visual Novels has no-doubt gotten much of its rave popularity from its outstanding music. And this is no exception. A piano piece by definition, this is a fast-paced flurry of speed and excitement, backed by a lot of power through excellent synthage. 7/10

Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki - Le Tresor Interdit

--- Now I'll admit it, the synths in this could use some polishing up. But for what they're worth, they still manage to complement the general sense of warmth emanating from this track. Very good for listening to on hot summery days (as I've previously demonstrated myself by playing this after the cross country last year :P. 7.75/10

Pikmin - Ai No Uta

--- Being largely similar in terms of impact, I could pretty much give a carbon copy of half of the last writeup and stick it on this one, only twofold. How such an angelic voice exists I'll never know, but somehow it does, and this song truly thrives because of it. 9.5/10

Final Fantasy 13 - Kimi Ga Iru Kara

--- In spite of what I said for last track, sometimes nothing can replicate a good song. As per the other vocal tracks, the tone of the vocalist really does a lot of the work into making this one of the most pleasant tracks in this list. Combine that with a legitimately great song (not in terms of lyrics necessarily) and that's really a recipe for being one of my favourite VG tracks period. 10/10 is not good enough for this/10

[NEW!] ClaDun: This is an RPG - Slicing the Wind

--- I did promise new songs yesterday, didn't I? The really weird thing is that, like a lot of songs today and tomorrow, feel like I have/should have already posted them. But weirdly enough, I haven't :/ Anyway, I think this song is pretty neat, what with its Irish and polka elements along with Christ knows what else. Very, very catchy. 8.5/10

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by UchihaFate008 » Thu Feb 09, 2012 5:21 pm


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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by twominutesalad » Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:35 pm

Wow Dan, delete enough posts? :P

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by UchihaFate008 » Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:33 pm

Playlist fuck you I ain't doing writeups for this till weekend: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6BA26E7CD12F318C

Writeups: Part 1 (petty much until I run out of bandwidth)

Shadow of the Colossus - Counterattack ~Battle With the Colossus~
--- Admittedly this was like the 30th song added to the playlist, but I quickly realised once I added it, it was perfect as a powerful opening piece... With a very strong emphasis on powerful.

Fragile Dreams - Must Eliminate
--- Lolol speaking of adding things late, I literally just added this one after the first writeup :P A lot of tension in this piece (or as the grammar nazi in the comments wants to point out to be misspelled as "peice").

Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigations 2 OST - Pursuit ~ Cornered 2011
--- Sorry 'bout the godawful volume on this one. Kinda unfortunate how this turned out considering the infinitely better version used in the trailer. Still a very nice piece nonetheless though. Very jazzy.

Terraria 1.1.0 - Boss 3
--- I love the stealthy sections in this. Kinda reminds me of another track I planned to put in once I added this one that I couldn't due to nobody having the soundtrack to that game up on YouTube any more -__-

Pokémon Platinum - Giratina Battle Theme
--- Chaotic Pokemon music is chaotic as usual. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that this is the most chaotic theme ever created outside of the remixed tracks exclusive to the soundtracks.

Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver: Disc 2 - Vs. Lance/Red (since the uploader fails hard at naming things properly EVEN when saying it's in the official OST >.>)
--- Admittedly not my favourite champion theme (or even my second :O), but my favourite one for remixed versions that aren't this one.

Pokémon Puzzle Challenge Music - Danger! (Lance Battle)
--- AND SPEAKING OF REMIXED VERSIONS. YES! This is brilliant (and I honestly thought I'd already posted this one; silly me). I also have to say this would be great remixed solely for that ingenious solo at the end.

Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine - Two Player vs.
--- Moar techno tracks that sound like they'd be great for fast-paced guitar solos from Tetris/Puyo Puyo clones. This one is particularly great because I just added it after going through the 25th, now 26th ranking (OMFG what is this madness. It's like I'm speaking to you from the future... or the past, really, since I still haven't posted this yet :/) and I realised I forgot to put this one in order, but once I did I realised that this one works great as a segue to the next brilliant track, which is...

DARIUS BOSS7 (keeping the youtube name to show how badass it really is :P)
--- Honestly reminds me of my current favourite vgm track period right now (/watch?v=WBEKH5EIZlg) for the general direction they took with this piece. Sounds epic, but also a little tragic surprisingly (aka. the mark of a truly great vgm piece, classic 8/16-bit or otherwise.)

Guilty Gear X - Awe of She
--- Speaking of epic, but also a little bit tragic, this is pretty much the poster child for that motif. On an unrelated note, just HOW has it taken so long for me to post a Guilty Gear track (or if I already have, and I just forgot about it, why has it been so long since then?).

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift - Endless Despair
--- Because just one Guilty Gear track is NEVER enough. My only problem with this track is the fact that with my current headphone setup (that are the only ones long enough to not dislodge my neck any further than it already has been), I can't hear it properly even with full volume for everything :(

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair - Divine Bloodlines [Rondo of Blood]
--- From a series I like to consider notable for effectively having badass Guilty Gear music BEFORE the ever-badass Guilty Gear (:O), a truly badass remade version of a badass track in a badass OST to a badass DS game. Badass enough for you yet?

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Gourmet Race
--- Continuing the (first of multiple) badass section(s) of this playlist, this really is too epicly hilarious for words. Trust freaking Kirby to have one of only 5 heavy metal tracks in all of brawl (which says a lot when it's got like 250+ full-length tracks)

TALES OF XILLIA - Battle for a Future to Believe In
--- Very nice and very long presumably final boss battle theme (I mean it's probably safe to say if it's supposedly the eleventh freaking battle theme in this OST). Also the first major major orchestral track with choir vocals. Expect many more.

Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright (Music) - Layton
--- Whoo trumpets, violins, and lord knows everything else. Oh, and a neat little piano solo, too! Overall, I like it. (as you can see, I really am getting lazy with these writeups. It's a sad day when I'm running out of things to write about not even 1/4 of the way in to this... I blame my apparent want to write more and more each playlist :/)

Radical Dreamers - Facing
--- Overall bad (presumably) final boss theme in general, but those first 40 seconds SELL this track to me. I mean, really. That shit is epic.

Last Ranker - Crudelis et Magnificus
--- Epic choir is epic. 'Nuff said. Oh, and also, I like the violins in the chorus. Kinda reminds me of that tack that played in those commercials to that bank... what one was it...? All I remember is a horse and maybe a bit of green... or a lot. :/

Pokémon Black/White: Vs Ghetsis
--- Gotta love those drums. Everything just complements everything else to make this a brilliantly epic piece, those solid, loud drums moreso than anything else. How some people can't appreciate music like this, I'll never know.

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth - Quercus Alba ~ The Enemy Who Surpasses the Law
--- Moar epic themes (who said it couldn't be done without a choir?)

Final Fantasy XIII - Born Anew
--- Acting as a segue from the super-awesome epic theme section to, well, another but different super-awesome epic theme section, this one really takes the whole choir theme to a whole new level, really thriving because of it.

Potential for Anything from PPPPPP (The VVVVVV original soundtrack)
--- Official youtube link is official :O And thus marks the THIRD V6 track I'm posting for this topic. Too damn good .

Ys Seven #25 Crossing Rage
--- Top-rated comments say it all. So epic. Kinda reminds me of Sonic 2006 soundtrack... That isn't necessarily a bad thing though.

Sonic Colors - Final Boss Phase 2 ~ Reach for the Stars Orchestra Ver.
--- More choir tracks, only of a different kind now. This track is loud, wild and epic (I know I know, I really am part of the problem in making this an insanely overused word; doesn't make me wrong by any means though).

Pandora's Tower - Final Boss
--- Definitely not what I expected out of this track. Reeeaaally not normal final boss material imo. Still very glorious nonetheless (and very familiar, too... where the heck have I heard that main tune before. I SWEAR I recognise like 1/3 of that track).

Rhythm Heaven Music - Built to Scale
--- Starting out very disjointed, only getting a little bit BETTER over time, the ending really makes up for it. TLDR; DAT LAST 15 SECONDS!

Sonic Generations 3DS - Special Stage Music
--- Nice trademark Sonic techno is nice. Reminds me of typical eurobeat, and that is why I love one this so much.

Mario Kart Super Circuit Music - Rainbow Road
--- Damn swanky 16 bit goodness. I reeeallly like this track, it really sounds like it should have been the ending theme... in fack, how the heck ISN'T this the ending theme. I know it's like 10x better and more fitting than it, and I haven't even listened to the actual one.

Mario & Sonic London 2012 Music - Coincentration
--- lolol I see what you did there. On a more pressing matter, how the heck did they manage to make this staple mario theme sound so damn epic, I mean really? MY vocabulary on how to describe this is pretty spent, but it's honestly pretty self-explanatory at this point.

Burnout 3 - Shine
--- Very underrated techno theme from from an underrated ost to a really freaking underrated game, on merit of it not at least being in the top 10 of everybody's lists of top 10 racing games ever made.

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3- Shine
--- Speaking of very underrated techno themes from underrated osts to underrated racing games (with titles called Shine no less!), this too is a very, very, very, very good track. Kinda reminds me of pretty much every track from the next ost... minus the racing game part.

Sora OST: Over drive
--- I swear, virtually every regular vgm update from now onward NEEDS to incorporate a track from this game (or at least the previous two). They're all so damn good, no exceptions.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Phoenix Wright (Turnabout Mode)
--- Now what did I say about that Kirby track from brawl? Pretty much multiply that level of sheer shock by by some substantially (and exponentially) high number, and you've got this track's quota in a nutshell.

holy crap I actually hit the character limit. expect part 2 tomorrow (I conveniently just ran out of bandwidth regardless.)

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by UchihaFate008 » Mon Feb 13, 2012 8:45 pm

Wild Arms - Lone Bird in the Shire
--- Starting off this desert/western-themed vgm list, we have a very cool song lying between generic fantasy and western, from a game that frankly can only be described as generic fantasy meets western, despite being a JRPG (to my knowledge).

Last Ranker - A Breeze Blowing Towards Tomorrow
--- As a track by a composer more notable for doing generic orchestral tracks (see: the rest of this soundtrack, Radiant Historia) and mediocre techno (see: eww Kingdom Hearts DS games etc.), it's nice to hear something different from Yoko Shimomura.

Chrono Trigger - Those Without the Will to Live
--- Yeah yeah, this isn't really western. But seeing as this portion of the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world with dust storms and whatnot, it at least fits the western side... kinda :/ (if you think this one is a little iffy, just wait till some of my later ones!)

Suikoden V - The Scorched Earth and the Weary People ~ Lordlake Theme 1
--- Now i'mma gonna this off my chest. I know I say this a little too much for my own good, but I LOVE this track. Finding a blend between vaguely western style desert theme and vaguely chinese style isn't easy, but I feel this track absolutely nailed it.

Paper Mario - Dry Dry Outpost
--- OH GOD! THE HORROR! Why I ever even THOUGHT it was a good idea putting this in the playlist, I'll never understand... O_O (Now in all seriousness, it isn't THAT bad, BUT STILL...!)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Go K.K. Rider!
--- FUCK. YES. Legitimately great Nintendo western-style VGM! :O

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 5 - The Hidden Sand Village
--- And our first true desert theme. This is some great shit; Ultimate Ninja is notorious for deceptively good overworld themes, and this is no exception.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 - Hidden Sand Village
--- Pretty badass. Unlike the last one, this one's a battle theme, and a pretty damn decent one at that. Also, I still can't get over how this basically incorporates the main overworld theme in the previous overworld theme, only sped up and with more/better instruments... I think I actually want this game now :/

Zelda: The Wind Waker - Dragon Roost Island
--- Anything Mexican counts as western by my book. I especially like how all the instruments form a neat little (albeit unlikely) harmony. The crispness of that guitar on the left really strikes out to me... Or is that the crispness of the Doritos I'm envisioning as I watch this...? O.o

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - Solaceon Town Night
--- NOSTALGIAAAA~~~! Just hangin' round Eterna City and Solaceon Town (and that other one I can't remember :/) were pretty much my main highlights in ALL my Pearl and Platinum playthroughs aside from like that place with the game corner (what was it called...? Veilstone?)

Zelda: Twilight Princess Music - Hidden Village
--- I know i can't do this justice so really all i can say is that the top comment really says it all here.

Red Dead Redemption - Deadman's Gun
--- Hella good, and I'm not just saying that just because this has vocals (hell, if anything for me the vocals sound a little too obtrusive for my liking).

Animal Crossing - K.K. Western
--- Yeah yeah, my personal rules say no multiple songs from one game, so that's why I dad the other one as A BRAWL SONG >:D. Also, best part of this track btw: That "HM! HM! HM! HM!" sound at the end. Absolutely priceless.

Mother 1 (EarthBound Zero) - Hippie Battle
--- MOAR OBLIGATORY TRACKS! This one is a true classic, anybody who doesn't know this one is just plain uncultured.

Phoenix Wright 3 - The Detective that came from the Wild West
--- Stealth homage to various other tracks. Also the final track on the list :( But don't fret just yet, if I have time to spare over the weekend, I'll probably be adding more... Of course, since this week's playlist hasn't even been started yet, and I have to start on writeups for my other one... The point is expect moar songs eventually!

Edit: sorry, forgot the playlist version :P : http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1785B2BEE7DD88B0

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by twominutesalad » Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:11 pm

Didn't see that coming XD

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by UchihaFate008 » Tue Feb 14, 2012 4:47 pm

I'm just fucking unpredictable like that ;)

edit: forgot to mention that I'm probably gonna be editing some of my posts to include content added to the playlists some time this afternoon/evening.

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by twominutesalad » Tue Feb 14, 2012 5:22 pm

Why not just add more? XD

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by UchihaFate008 » Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:59 pm

Why not just add more indeed. :P

Truth be told, I've really been tempted to, but all of the ones I have in my backup playlists would either breach my one song per game per list rule, or I'm planning to use them this Friday. Can't get too far ahead of myself here, after all.

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Re: Teh vidya gaem music [VGM]

Post by UchihaFate008 » Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:11 pm

Oh, and speaking of this week's playlist, I'm having a hard time deciding on the theme. At this stage I could either go for and orchestral-themed one (I already have two tracks for that), a news bulletin-themed one with stuff like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrReEZqKiyc , or a distorted-themed one I've been putting off for several weeks. Your thoughts?

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