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Post by zifzone » Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:50 pm

Hay guy's i know it's been a while but im back up and running, took me a few week's
to get a decent screen but i got it 22" wide LCD $350 bargin. But as thing's get better another thing seem's to bring me down , while i was working and trying to save up for my screen my account was hacked via me trying log into a steam not knowing or checking if it was the official steam site , so i hit steam up and they said to me that they would disable the account untill i could prove that the account was mine e.g credit card detail's ect. So i gave them what they needed and now they are saying that i bought a game from a stolen credit card ?? :S. So after a week or so i still havnt heard from them zzzzzzzzzzzz go steam go, lucky i have a old steam acc that i use for lan event's ect fewwww :P.

So if you guy's want add me to my old account for now atm i only have cs and cs:s so will be active on both untill i get my other account sorted out, also if anyone know's what more i could do to hurry this process up please give me some advice.

my steam add is "zifzone".

" brendon get back to me with what's going on with the cs:s member's , what you guy's have been getting up to ect "

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